Heathcare Investment and Merchant Banking

We confine our corporate finance and investment banking consultation work to the health care markets.  As advisors, we work in line with industry standards.  Occasionally, we will see sufficient opportunity in an early-stage or otherwise constrained enterprise that we will capitalize our fees and invest them alongside the client.  This comprises our merchant advisory component.

Biotech sub sectors we might consider for deferred merchant fees:

  • Mass Spectroscopy based pharma development
  • Novel cancer pro-drugs, mimetics, and therapeutic candidates
  • Direct microbial SSF and conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol
  • Telomerase and inhibitors - agents, repressors, promoters and adjuncts
  • All basic research relating to methane hydrate chemistries, physics and containment
  • Microbial enhanced oil recovery and sulfur chelation
  • Cellular and molecular work on human hair follicles, hair melanocytes and alpha collagen
  • All projects related to human skin melanocytes and collagen
  • In situ remediation, bio, electrolytic and physical
  • Human pheromones, VNO receptors, related hormonal signal transduction
  • Lypolytic microbes, enzymes and agents
  • Cytometry: equipment, software and methods
  • New sugar substitutes and chemistries
  • Novel aptamers, ribozymes and third-strand candidates and technologies
  • Prion technologies, antibody conjugates thereto or  related MS profiles and libraries

Merchant Banking Acquisitions

As a side-benefit of many years of experience at the highest levels of industry and Wall Street, the firm maintains relationships with many results-proven operating CEO's and managers.   These out-performing and key managers have been witnessed and vetted by this firm to perform in good as well as adverse industry conditions.   These 'stars' comprise a fulcrum through which the performance of merchant investments is improved.  Frequently, they will augment the management of existing healthy enterprises, much as would an ideal board of directors.  In rescue or turnaround targets, our managers are able to replace elements or all of the senior team.

Our activities in the capital markets have put us in touch with leading institutional investors.  These investors value our perspective and know us to be a source of potential profits.  Thus, we have an ideal platform for principal investment activity.  In keeping with our avoidance of fixed cost formulae and expenses, the firm relies on its strong relationships within the exempt investment community to finance its transactions on an ad hoc basis.  Therefore, no ticking time pressure of partnership life, no carried fees, claw backs or otherwise artificial factors influence our determination of an optimum transaction.  As well, we are free to segment the investment community to partner with those investors most appropriate for each acquisition.  We target merchant investments from $ 50 million in transaction size to $2.5 billion.

Industries of interest for acquisition: 

  • Diagnostics and reference laboratories
  • Environmental, food and pharmaceutical analytical laboratories
  • Coal, biomass and hydroelectric merchant power facilities (domestic, China and Czech.)
  • Rural and small-market analog CATV franchises
  • Alternative, specialty lenders and factors
  • Seafood processors
  • Small branded personal care consumer products
  • Small FDA-approved pharma lines (sales under $50 million)
  • Capital equipment and machine tools (India only)
  • Generic drugs (China only, Pu dong preferably, with licensure)
  • Research products companies
  • Oil well line services, equipment and exploration consulting firms 

Merger interests

We are in touch with numerous compelling and technically-leading biotech enterprises that will infuse a 'new lease on life' to investment vehicles with disappointing or failed strategies and or renegade management.

  • Funded public venture or investor-controlled entities, with failed strategies


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